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What Do People Say About Land Profit Partners?

We had three visits before we felt it was the right time to fully commit. The process has been easier than expected and although we were fully aware with the stages we were at, we never had to pay a penny, or put any time into it.

If only all sales could be like this, the world would be a better place. I guess what I want to express is my gratitude to all you have done to make this possible.

Noel D

I am still dumbfounded that after all those years and all the so called 'big developers' to get results (and making promise after promise), Julie and her team achieved success, where the others fell flat at the first hurdle. I am more than happy to recommend your services and company to anyone. Well done.

Michael Phillips

I have worked with LPP through from the initial drawing board and the key design stages, through to the end job done. On all these 5 individual occasions, it was great working with the Land and Property team. I am happy to say they go "over and above the call of duty" on each project..

A Bell
West Yorkshire

Selling Land

Information to anyone considering selling small plots of land for building purposes. Although we generally refer to garden land, we can help with any small plot, however it is currently used. By small, we mean up to an acre or so.


Land values are heavily dependent on how the buyer is able to use the land once they have purchased it. Land with planning permission is worth much more than land without.


If you have ever considered how to sell your garden or just wondered, "Can I build a house in my garden?", then is the place for you.









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